I have a long held passion for all things Volkswagen.

 It really started back in about 1987 when I bought my first VW camper, a somewhat "rusty Bay" but it  was a Westfalia Conversion with a post box red exterior, an elevating roof and a tidy interior. I had some great holidays in that van (YCU441M) but alas it had to go due to a major front beam failure and a lack of funds to repair it whilst a student in Cambridge.

 I had a Polo, a couple of Golf's and then in around 1995 bought another camper, this time a swish T4, an Autosleeper Trooper conversion with elevating roof and onboard heating. I had another long run of holidays in Pamplemousse (M441WCA) (the observant ones among you might have spotted something unintentional there).

 I currently drive a bright yellow Polo (Buttercup).

Sadly my lovely Dad died in late 2016 and I have made the decision to return to my first love and purchase a Split Screen Volkswagen Camper van.

I have placed an order, as it needs to be imported, bare metal stripped, restored and fitted. Hopefully, Cuthbert and I will be united in 2018.

 My journey has begun, in São Paulo, then off to Santos, where I am loaded onto this container ship en route to the UK. I will be going to Lancashire, to Morecambe and Wize for a full restoration. Please follow my journey here. On April 2nd 2018 I was visited by my owner as I await my restoration. He pinched my number plate.

Created by Geoff Rodgers